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Do you have a dog that is afraid of grooming? We can help! Our award winning team specializes in working with fearful animals!

We would like to welcome you to The UpScale Tail, Ltd., the best pet grooming and wellness salon in Naperville, IL! 

At The UpScale Tail, we have faith in our staff, take pride in our work and all of our employees have been hand picked and trained to The UpScale Tail standards. Not only are we all certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, we have won many industry awards that show our hard work and dedication, and we also believe in continuing our education to stay up-to-date on the latest styles, trends and handling techniques. Our award winning and certified pet groomers have mastered all techniques possible. From basic dog grooming, hand stripping, hand scissoring, rustic coat maintenance, conformation show grooming, and cat grooming we believe in knowing as much as possible to better suit our clients’ needs. Our Naperville, IL clients like to bring their dogs and cats in for grooming on a rotation of every 4 to 6 weeks, although we can always give you a professional consultation regarding the maintenance schedule for your individual pet’s grooming and we’ll even offer you a free lesson on how to maintain your own pet at home!

Nowadays pets are considered to be our “kids,” or at least treated like they are part of the family. Everyone wants what’s best for their fur babies, from quality pet boarding and daycare facilities to the essential needs of a reputable brand of pet food, to veterinarians and pet groomers. No matter what kind of pet you have, grooming is one of the key ingredients to health and longevity. The majority of pets have nails that need to be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks, ears that should be cleaned regularly and hair or fur that needs to maintained by simple brushing and combing, clipping, stripping or deshedding techniques. Here at The UpScale Tail, we have over 50 years of combined experience. All breeds are accepted no matter the age, size or temperament and we take pride in being a grain free salon!

At The UpScale Tail, we believe in trying to establish a bond and a trusting relationship with your pet during their grooming experience. If there is a behavior that we encounter and it concerns us, we will always openly and honestly communicate with you about it. We will come up with a “prescription” based on your pet’s individual needs to help them overcome their fears associated with grooming or life in general. Our “prescriptions” might range from additional “Meet and Greets” to practice at home with touching feet or to turning on your electric toothbrush to get them used to noises. At any time during business hours, feel free to stop in with your adult dog or puppy for one of our signature “Meet and Greets”. Our “Meet and Greets” entail you bringing your relaxed/calm self and your nervous pet into our salon to say hi. You can sit down in our lobby, enjoy our aromatherapy, stay for a few minutes, grab one of our grain-free dog treats and leave! “Meet and Greets” are always FREE and if your pet requires a special treat or is more toy motivated, we’d be more than happy to keep either here with us so that way they’ll recognize their favorite reward when they come in. Soon enough you’ll notice a happy and excited dog running through the doors waiting to greet their favorite pet stylist, and we all know we’d love to see our “kids” run straight in the door with excitement to get groomed.

The dog and cat groomers at The UpScale Tail are here to make sure you get exactly what you want when it comes to your pet looking it’s best as long as the coat and skin are in good shape; we will also offer our professional opinions on changing up the style or completely making your pet over. Our goal at The UpScale Tail is to make our clients, both 2 and 4 legged, happy! We will give you the hairy details and/or concerns about your “fuzzy human beings;” from new lumps and bumps to icky ears, we believe in good communication with our clients and their owners.

We look forward to seeing you in Naperville, IL soon at The UpScale Tail Pet Salon (630-632-8245) for your dog or cat’s next grooming!

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The UpScale Tail Pet Grooming Salon in Naperville, IL Award Winning Dog Groomers and Cat Groomers in Naperville, IL